Clean Energy is a young company of Udine with 10 years of experience, employed in research and production of renewable energy.

It’s a growing company, looking to the future that keep on research and development of technologically innovative materials and solutions for better business performance.

Energy is now the engine of the world economy and is the crucial point for the expansion of the human race, and it is why that Clean Energy wants to become a leading company in the renewable energy sector.

Clean Energy operates successfully in the field of photovoltaics and designing new solutions in wind power hydropower and biomass.


Clean Energy wants to be a promoter of energy saving. An excellence for productivity and the development of local companies for a new building design and plant conception.

Our desire is to live a company where ethics and values are focused on the customer, and the purpose of Clean Energy  its to try to hand down to coming generations a sustainable future.

These are our values:

  • achieving excellence;
  • technological innovation;
  • The well-being and professional development of human resources;
  • Care and respect to the environment.


The future of our world is in our hands, with renewable energies we can make it better and improve the quality of our lives.