Italy with solar power well-covers 8% of the energy needs. First in the ranking of 22 countries in the world where solar energy covers more than 1% of electricity consumption. To reconfirm the unique homegrown leadership, notified for the first time last spring, are the data of the Snapshot of Global PV Markets 2016, prepared by the Photovoltaic Power System Programme of the International Energy Agency (IEA PVPS). The new report, which will feed into PVPS Trends published in September 2016, realizes movements and the global solar market numbers.

Solar power market keeps growing: Last year closed with a plus 50 GW of new installed capacity has thus brought the global photovoltaic capacity at an altitude of 227 GW.

The Clean Energy Srl contributes to the production of electricity in the country with the creation of some PV plants of different power and nature with ground systems, of industrial buildings and private homes.